from invisible to visible

threshold collection

threshold collection

handsculpted jewels


Dea Rail jewels are completely made by hand in Rome by the designer and artisan Giorgia De Angelis. Through the ancient lost wax technique and without the use of cad machines, the jewels take form from hand-made wax sculptures preserving the romance of artisan processes. […]

Threshold collection

The ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan civilizations that crossed the worldly threshold by erecting pyramidal temples, inspire “Threshold” collection. The jewels carved in bronze and 925 silver, symbolize these mystical architectures, featuring cube forms to recall the temples, rows to recall the imposing staircases and […]


Imagining a symbolic journey through myths and otherworldly dimensions, the jewels of Dea Rail take form. Hand-sculpted with the lost wax technique, each jewel is a unique creation that communicates its magic with those who wear it. From invisible to visible, beyond the ordinary.