Dea RailĀ  TRIBE
Cool people who crossed Dea Rail path

Mizet, singer

wearing Maya D. choker

Valeria, dubber and model

wearing Dwarka earrings

Simonetta, actress

wearing Threshold ring set 01

Alessandra, fashion stylist

wearing Maya D. eyeglasses necklace

Alessandro, store manager

wearing selected jewels of Threshold collection

Benedetta, photographer

wearing Re-hoop earrings and Munero choker

Sofia, actress

wearing rings from Bimini Road collection

Andreea, model

wearing Munero double pendant necklace

Elisa, tattoo artist

wearing Phanagoria Crown ring

Carlotta, actress

wearing Exploro earrings 02

Federico, musician and make-up artist

wearing E-Band rings

Alessio, hair stylist

wearing Baia silver necklace